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Restrictions in Trial mode

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Restrictions in Trial mode

Postby liveadmin » Sat Jun 27, 2009 12:02 am

Accounts that are in Trial mode have the following restrictions:

1. In chat panel at client side 'Powered by LiveAdmin' link is visible and linked to web site. Paid accounts may configure to show the link as an affiliate link to the site or disable it completely.

2. Trial accounts may add up to one additional agent for test proposes. Paid accounts have no limit on number of agents.

3. Trial accounts can add one additional custom field to receive information from clients. Paid accounts have no limit on number of fields.

4. Message history (auto complete) will last for 2 hours on trial account. This limit on paid accounts is 30 days.

5. In chat panel, number of messages an agent can send to client limited to 20. Paid accounts have no limit at all.
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