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New features

Postby liveadmin » Sun Jun 14, 2009 4:25 am

Some new features have added to admin panel and will deploy to all servers in next 4 hours. Some are still in test phase and will be published shortly. These new sections have added:

1. A 'News' section has added to show the latest announcements from forums feed.

2. Missed calls have integrated into admin panel. If a client asked for help and no agent answered the call it will be logged as 'Missed Call'. To show them turn this feature ON in Admin Panel Preferences.
More information about the calls will be added soon.

3. Title bar notification, This will show some movements in title bar and icon bar of the windows desktop when a new client waits for chat.

4. Missed calls can now be archived or permanently removed. Right click on a missed call to get the options.
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