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Custom query for online status

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Custom query for online status

Postby WindowsNT » Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:52 pm

Hello there.

I just discovered LiveAdmin and it's amazing. I want to request 2 features.

Currently, I can only have an image which is clickable, where I don't want to have anything when support is not available, and display that to the user as text. Also, when support is online, I can only have a page with the span html code.

I want to be able a) to query liveadmin for online status via a PHP function and b) to start the support automatically if the status is online, without having to wait for a user to press a button.

The second feature is to be able to login without user+pass, but with a GET of a command line url, like admin.php?code=login&u=username&p=password. This way I can create a windows application that can loging automatically - no need for u+p input.

Best Regards.
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